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About Kotex

Kotex Development Holdings Ltd (KOTEX-formerly Kotex Electronics Company) is a Hong Kong privately held company established in 1988. We started the business in manufacturing analog alcohol breath testers, integrated security alarm systems and other healthcare electronics products.

In 1991, we produced the first digital alcohol breath tester (KX-148) and several other top models for the market in the following years.

In 2003, by recognizing the growing global market demand for accurate but yet affordable alcohol breath testers, KOTEX restructured and shifted the development focus for manufacturing consumer / prosumer level alcohol breath testers with high accuracy standard.

In 2005, our first ODM model successfully obtained DOT approval (Department of Transportation) in US for its high accuracy performance.

In 2007, Kotex Electronics Company is renamed to Kotex Development Holdings Ltd to align with the company's goal of introducing and distributing our high quality consumer / prosumer level alcohol breath testers, worldwide.

We are a fully integrated manufacturer with R&D functions reside in Hong Kong and production plant in high-tech industrial zone of Shenzhen, China.

Our historical models - we made alcohol testers from analog to now digital, ever since 1988.
1988: KX138 - analog alcohol tester

Our company first model introduced to market in 1988. Model name KX138 - analog based tester with physical pointer to indicate the BAC level. A classic model for the market.

1990: KX148MKII - first digital alcohol tester in world

Our first model to be branded as AlcoSafe in 1990. Model name KX148MKII - this is the world's first digital base alcohol tester, it is a major upgrade from analog based tester. Scandinavian market should be mostly familiar with this model!

1994: First ODM model - for Scandinavia market

Thanks to the popularity of KX148MKII in Scandinavia, our client decidied to have some innovative product design tooling and utilize our superb engine inside for responsible for the BAC measuring task. It is also the first model with client brand - Safeway for the Scandinavian region.

2003: First ODM model - for North America market

2003 was the year we first supplied to the US breathalyzer market. In 2005, we have our first ODM model officially approved by DOT (Department of Transportation) in North America to be qualified as highly accurate breathalyzer for personal use.