Why us?

We provide one-stop sourcing point for importers who are looking for highly accurate breathalyzers, ranging from consumer market semiconductor models all the way to law enforcement grade fuel cell (electrochemical) models. Find out below for WHY choose us for your reliable sourcing need for high quality alcohol breath tester.

Worldwide Accuracy Specific Approvals: DOT(US), AS3457 (Australia), NF(France)

Accuracy specific approvals or certifications for testing accuracy of breathalyzers in the market

DOT approval(US): DOT accuracy approval is the "gold standard" of accuracy requirement required by high profile importers especially the US retailers in North America and Canada. DOT approval is issued by Department of Transportation in US. We are one of the very few manufacturers could have models officially obtained DOT approval in the market. Retailers and chain stores basically would not take quality risk to source non-DOT approved models on the market. Apart from US consumer market where DOT is highly recognizable, DOT is also widely recognizable in European market as a strong selling point for quality standard.

AS3547 approval(Australia): AS3547 standard is another accuracy specific approval for breathalyzer in the market. It is applicable for the Australian market for the high-end consumer market for breathalyzer. AS3547 have a high accuracy requirement where the tolerance of result could not > 0.01% at every point from 0.00% to 0.10% BAC. This involves 10 points of accuracy requirement to test the BAC measuring capability from low concentration to high concentration. Apart for this high requirement of linearity testing, AS3547 also required long term storage testing across time. We are one of the limited suppliers have semiconductor models could be approved - which further proved our gold-engine of semiconductor models, if you are seeking for affordable testers for consumer market.

NF approval(France): NF approval is an quality approval specific to the French market. As different from AS3547 Australian standard where it tests accuracy at every point from low concentration to high concentration to assure tolerance within range at each BAC point, NF relatively only focus one point of accuracy which is at 0.25mg/L (equivalent to 0.5‰ or 0.05%). This relatively lower accuracy requirement made more suppliers are submitting products for approval test by French authority. Kotex is also at pending stage for NF approval with our wide range of NF approvable models.

The above 3 types of approvals/certifications are the most reputable and dominant accuracy-specific approvals in the industry of breathalyzers. Importers are advised to focus in these approvals as sourcing criteria for high quality testers.

Non-Accuracy specific approvals or certifications as testing the product qualifies as a safe-to-use consumer electronics product

CE marking: CE marking is a mandatory conformity mark for products placed on the market in the EU market. With the CE marking on a product, the manufacturer declares that the product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives / EMC requirements on the area such as product raw material safety, health, environmental protection requirements. CE mark does not test accuracy level on breathalyzer product.

FDA (US): FDA market clearence approval focus on the the safety material used in the mouthpiece for breathalyzer to ensure it is safe for end-user to put the mouthpiece in mouth when performing an alcohol breath test. FDA approval does not test accuracy level on breathalyzer product. Our mouthpieces for our breathalzyer models are all FDA approved for US market clearance.

Our electrochemical fuel cell models - redefining the accuracy expectation for the market, powered by our very own Koveon fuel cell engine. Finally, something different for the market.

We offer "One-Step Higher" performance for our fuel cell models. That is, offers performance of respectful law-enforcement accuracy at consumer affordable pricing. We compete on accuracy performance where it brings product continuity rather on pricing which have to sacrifice on quality.

UltraAccuracy - powered by Kotex's proprietary Koveon TM engine

It's not an ordinary accuracy. It is an UltraAccuracy as highly as possible for a consumer grade electrochemical fuel cell tester. While it sounds impossible for a consumer grade fuel cell tester to be able to offer law-enforcement grade accuracy , we made it possible with our best-in-class proprietary Koveon engine. It feels good to have a tester so accurate, size to fit in palm, and only at a fraction of cost.

Koveon comes with two levels of engine: Koveon and Koveon-E engines, to suit different models market demand. Please visit our product page for our fuel cell models selection.

This is an ideal fuel cell model for you. Contact us for sample for evaluation

One-Step Higher Accuracy than others on market

One-Step Higher - Accuracy: Thanks to our Koveon engine, user can experience one-step higher accuracy with our models. Our entry fuel cell model with Koveon-E engine could already deliver respectable accuracy for personal use at entry market. Our mid-range fuel cell models with Koveon engine could even deliver comparable accuracy and consistency with reputable German-made models on the market, but at a fraction of cost only.

This is truely an exciting news for existing fuel cell importers as most of them experienced relatively poor accuracy and consistency with Economy fuel cell models on the market.

We are now seeing great opportunity now to fill this quality gap in the market, to inspire the market with different design and most importantly - different accuracy.

Our semiconductor models - currently selling in leading retailers worldwide for the 15th year consecutively. Trusted by retailers is self-explanatory for our high quality of accuracy, assuring your sourcing need.

Minimize your sourcing risk with our Retailer series models. You basically can't go wrong if biggest retailers worldwide are sourcing from us for our DOT approved models as safeguard on accuracy.

For the 15th consecutive years, we have supplied our semiconductor models (ODM) with our unique, best-in-class engine, to major leading retailers worldwide. The nature of our retailer clients ranging from pharmacy, mass retail, speciality, DIY hardware chains, hypermarkets and gas stations...etc.

Quality expectation from retailers – In terms of long term stability performance

The major challenge in the market is majority of manufacturers are unable to supply a model with "retailer quality". Retailer quality for alcohol breath tester product usually refers to the ability to maintain accuracy across a long storage time. Imagine the storage time for the product from exit factory, arrive importers / retailer's warehouse, retailer distributes to all stores hanging the product on the shelf, until the time when it is purchased by end customer. This storage time span easily last for few months or at some extreme case 1 year or so. During storage time, the product sits inside the giftbox without any usage and usually there would be a "drifting effect" with the alcohol sensor. This drifting effect might cause inaccurate readings for the product. A high quality tester would have very low drifting effect, while a low quality tester would have a high drifting effect which causes unpredictable readings which is easily recognizable by end customer.

Our ability is to supply our clients with a tester which could stand retailer quality requirement – at an affordable price point to enable mass retailing.